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Blueberry Lane Update

June 12th, 2019 | 14:40

It’s almost time to put shovels in the ground at the Blueberry Lane building site. We will be building two homes on the site for the partner families that were selected for home ownership.                          

To make this happen, we are beginning a campaign to raise the $100,000 needed to finance each home.

You can help both families realize their dreams for ownership of safe, decent, affordable homes. Whether small or large, every donation supports these projects.

Although not a complete list of all the materials needed for the entire project, the following provides examples of construction items that will be purchased in the early stage of construction.

  • Box of nails – $38.00
  • 25 2 x 4 studs @ $3.25 each – $81.25
  • 40 concrete 8 x 16 blocks @ $2.25 each – $90.00
  • 20 bags of mortar @ $5.00 each – $100
  • 1 roll of insulation – $60.00
  • 10 16′ decking boards @ $11.00 each – $110.00
  • Window – $200.00
  • Exterior door – $185.00
  • Light fixture – $100.00
  • Sink faucet – $150.00

Habitat for Humanity of Louisa County 
and our partner families thank you.

Johnson Road Work Day

May 3rd, 2019 | 14:32

A great volunteer crew worked on Friday May 3rd to make final repairs and cleanup to our Johnson Road house. The home will be sold to a partner family who qualifies as a Habitat homebuyer. Thanks to all who helped. As always, you help make a difference!

“It will be such an amazing feeling to have our own home…”

Dec. 14, 2018 | 14:29

Jessie Fuller never thought the dream of homeownership would be possible. She had quite a few “bumps,” as she says, in her credit score. And her partner, Aaron, had no credit at all. Even with a combined income, she knew they wouldn’t qualify for a regular mortgage. It seemed impossible that they and their son Ricky could ever have a home to call their own.

But the impossible dream became a reality when Jessie and Aaron were referred to Habitat for Humanity of Louisa County by the Jefferson Area C.H.I.P. Habitat volunteers met with the family, went over their finances, living situation and credit reports, and provided advice and resources. It was a long, sometimes taxing journey. But Jessie didn’t give up. “It took a lot of hard work, budgeting and saving, but after about a year, we were finally approved!”

Jessie, Aaron and Ricky are grateful and excited to have their own home, with room to grow as a family. The home that once seemed far out of reach will soon be theirs. Jessie and her family are thrilled to be looking forward to building their lives on “the foundation that Habitat is providing.”

“Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, I look forward to a future of stability.”

Dec. 14, 2018 | 14:22

When she first heard about Habitat for Humanity of Louisa County, Erin Swinson had little hope that she would be chosen for a new home. “I know there is a huge demand for stable housing in the county and did not, in the slightest, expect to be selected.” She applied anyway, when she found out the program “offered more than I could hope for.” When Erin heard that she had been selected, her first reaction was shock, soon replaced by a sense of peace and purpose that she had not felt in a long time.

One of the aspects of Habitat for Humanity that Erin really appreciates is the patience of the volunteers and their willingness to accommodate her busy schedule. Erin is a single mom and works long hours. What little time she has available she likes to spend with her 6-year old son. She’s grateful that “Habitat is always trying to make meetings, courses, and volunteer work flexible for my schedule, and I really appreciate that.”

Soon Erin will be rewarded for all her hard work with a new home and an affordable mortgage. To Erin, the stability homeownership provides is the key to her future. “I believe some people take for granted the peace of mind they have,” she says, “knowing where they are living day-to-day and year-to-year. When you don’t have that knowledge, you constantly live with this anxiety of ‘What am I going to do?’ or ‘Where will we go when…?’”

With a new Habitat home, Erin will no longer have to worry about stability. She will have a place to call her own. “It’s like carrying around this weight and someone comes along and doesn’t necessarily take it from me but offers to help me carry it. And it means the world to me.”

Progress on Blueberry Lane Project

Nov. 7, 2018 | 14:16

On Friday, November 2nd, an incredible volunteer crew from the Operations Delta Shift at the Dominion Energy North Anna Nuclear Generating Station joined with us to make significant progress on clearing the abandoned house on our next building site. The crew of 22 removed walls, flooring, foundation concrete blocks, insulation and miscellaneous remnants of the old structure. By early afternoon, the site was ready for the final clearing of the remaining foundation.

In addition, volunteers from the Mineral Baptist Church provided a terrific lunch for all.

Habitat for Humanity of Louisa County extends its appreciation and thanks for a tremendous effort. The spirit of volunteerism by Dominion Energy and the Mineral Baptist Church serves as the perfect example of the excellence of community support in Louisa County.

Paul Trent, Manager of the Delta Shift, put it best: “We collectively believe in the HFH mission, and have a responsibility to be good citizens for the community we live and work in. We all recognize how fortunate and blessed we are every day to do what we do. We wanted to do our part to help and make a difference.

Call for Volunteers! 

Oct. 30, 2018 | 14:34

We are about to embark on the most ambitious year in the history of our Habitat Chapter. The next two houses are in the initial stage of planning and construction, but many more families need affordable housing. It’s a great challenge, but with help from our volunteers, churches, businesses, and donors, we can do it. You are the heart and backbone of Habitat!

Many people think that helping Habitat means swinging a hammer on a construction site. While building skills are important, there are other ways to engage with Habitat and help a family who needs a home. Some positions require strong leadership, while others add capacity to existing committees. If you have a passion for helping, some useful skills and a little time, we need you.

You can volunteer in the following areas:

1. Recruiting new volunteers
2. Strategizing for fundraising and in-kind donations
3. Grant research and writing
4. Planning events to reach out to the community 
5. Counseling and training in homeownership, finances, and budgeting
6. Coordinating with local businesses to donate food and drinks for workdays
7. Data entry

Your support helps a family help themselves. We would love to talk about ways you can engage building strength, stability, and self reliance through shelter.

If you have questions, please contact us OR become a volunteer now!

Wishing Lauren A Speedy Recovery

Oct. 28, 2018 | 19:07

In mid-October, our volunteers answered the call to help Lauren Jeffers, a fellow Louisa County volunteer. Lauren is the former Louisa County Volunteer Director. She was facing surgery and would be using crutches for many weeks following the operation. A ramp was the answer to help Lauren get in and out of the house.

In conjunction with the Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation who supplied the design and materials, our Habitat volunteers stepped up and completed the job in one day. Thanks to Jerry Seaton, Ben Gore, Steve Grill and Bill Garmin.

Wishing Lauren a speedy recovery.

House Dedication for Harry

Oct. 27, 2018 | 11:02

Whenever the construction of a Habitat home is completed and the new owner takes possession, it is certainly a time to celebrate!

On October 23rd, the Louisa County community and Habitat for Humanity of Louisa County joined with Harry Anthony for the dedication of his new home. Following prayers, kind words by friends and volunteers, and the presentation of a Bible, Harry was given the keys to his beautiful, fully furnished home.

Harry and his beloved dog Sammy can now look forward to life in a safe, comfortable and affordable home.

This project would not be possible without the support of businesses, churches, contractors, dedicated volunteers, and a long list of donors who contributed dollars, building materials and time. Their participation in the project is deeply appreciated.

We now embark on our next project. Over the next one to two years, Habitat for Humanity of Louisa County will be building two homes on Blueberry Lane. Homebuyers for each have been approved and plans are moving forward to ready the lots for construction.

As always, we welcome new volunteers and both monetary and in-kind donations. You are the heart and backbone of Habitat!

We Welcome Michael Winget-Hernandez

Sept. 6, 2018

Habitat for Humanity of Louisa County is pleased to welcome Michael Winget-Hernandez to our steering committee. Michael has agreed to take on the role as an advocate in the community, interacting with businesses, organizations, individuals, and government. He will be communicating our mission, projects, and needs for volunteers and donations.

Michael and his wife Lelia are both highly experienced attorneys with distinguished careers representing states, state agencies, and other government entities. In addition, both are committed to community service and are engaged with organizations focused on children and education.

Michael and Lelia’s firm, Commonwealth Life and Legacy Counsel, specializes in estate planning for individuals and retirement planning for business owners.

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