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An Affordable Tiny Home


A lifelong Louisa County resident, Harry Anthony and his little dog were well-known throughout the area. Mr. Anthony had given others a hand when they needed it. Now it was time to work with him to build a safe and affordable home.

Unfortunately, his years as a farmer restricted his income and his current social security. Now retired, but still very independent, he does not want to move into a retirement community. Sam is his best buddy and he is not willing to abandon him. Harry owns his own land with a working well and septic. What could we do?

In partnership with Harry, we decided to build our first tiny home ever. Just over 400 square feet, it is perfect for he and his dog. These homes are much more affordable than most of the traditional homes we build. Yet, they are strong enough to last a lifetime! In the future, the tiny home could become the model of a number of projects in our area.

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