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How to Become a Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

There are 4 basic qualifications for the Habitat for Humanity of Louisa Homeownership Program.

  1. Service Area: All applicants must be residents of Louisa County or work in Louisa County for at least the past year.

  2. Need for Housing:  Are you homeless? Is your current housing substandard or unsafe? Is your house overcrowded? Is the rent greater than 33% of your income? Do you live in a high crime neighborhood? Do you receive a Housing Choice (Section 8) voucher?

  3. Willingness To Partner: Habitat offers prospective homeowners a helping hand up, to build not only a house, but a positive future for themselves and their families.  In return, we ask all homeowners to invest their time into the building of their new home, or contributing time to their community in another agreed upon way.  The homeowner’s contribution to a project in the form of labor is referred to as “Sweat Equity”.   200 hours are required for a family size of 1.  For each additional adult, 100 additional hours are needed.

  4. Ability to Pay: Habitat offers homes at a reduced cost as a result of volunteer labor and materials, and provides affordable low interest mortgages. Applicants must be able to show reliable, documentation of income for a period of one full year prior to application. Habitat does not require perfect credit at the time of application and we partner with individuals and families throughout the home buyer journey to improve their overall financial health and develop appropriate repayment plans to pay off existing debts.

Habitat for Humanity adheres to the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which prohibits us from discriminating against credit applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age.